CX2 Vehicle Protection System

Protect your paintwork and interior for life

In today’s harsh environment your vehicle’s exterior paintwork is exposed to a number of pollutants. From tree sap to UV rays, detergent to acid rain, regular surface erosion means that your vehicle’s paintwork needs extra protection if you want it to retain that showroom-like appearance.

And it’s not just your paintwork that’s under threat, everyday dirt and grime transferred by you, your family and your pets into your car, plus the threat of accidental spillage from drinks, food and other substances means that your interior is at constant risk from staining too.

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    GardX CX2

    Your vehicle exterior and interior are under threat from several pollutants on a daily basis. This means your vehicle needs extra protection if you want it to retain that showroom-like appearance and keep your interior seat fabrics and carpets stain resistant and ensure their leather remains soft and supple, like new for years. The solution isn’t a wax polish; your vehicle needs a protective barrier – GardX Vehicle Protection System. GardX is available at the Inchcape Kenya Body Shop. Call +254 (0)730 190 000 or email us at to find out more information.

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