The adrenaline coursing through your veins while the motorcycle beneath you races over the black asphalt.

You both thirst for speed and grip. You provoke the ideal line and the limit range. Every millimetre and millisecond is vital here. And this is where you count on the power and control of your bike.

These motorcycles and every one of their details are focused on the highest and most precise performance. You can demand everything of it – but only if you are prepared to give it everything.


A motorcycling adventure leaves tyre tracks in the sand, dust on your bike and memories in your heart.

Neither the elements of nature nor the borders on the map can hold you back because you are driven by wanderlust and your bike by enduring power and reliable technology.

With these motorcycles, the world is open to you – with all its unknown beauty and rough challenges. They are ready for terrain. Are you ready too.


Endorphins and petrol drive you and your roadster forwards. The roads are your territory, the admiring looks of other road users your reward.

You live for the next straight, the next corner, the next green light. You are the head that provides the impetus. Your roadster is the heart of technology that reacts with forward momentum. You flex your muscles, provoke, follow nobody but rather lead others.

Roadsters are modern riding bikes for concentrated riding fun, equipped for all challenges on the road. Do you accept the challenge?

Urban Mobility.

In order to move quickly and with agility through the city, you need a smart vehicle, which is called scooter.

Simply climb on board and become immersed in the street lights; leave all the traffic and stress behind and only stop and go as you please. On this companion, you will always find a way through the tight net of the city, and it will allow you to make it into your urban movement space.

These are scooters which were designed and made to move you and the mobile future of cities. Ready? Go!


You gather the impressions, while your tour clocks up the miles. In doing so, it glides through the world as long as there is enough asphalt beneath you.

Your head and your heart are free, because you trust the force and the reliability of the motorcycle beneath you. It will carry you wherever you want, as relaxed or as sportily as you want. Together, you will discover the cities, countries and landscapes; here you will meet foreigners or accompany friends.

Tourers are travelling bikes. Whether you’re on the road for one or a hundred days, they have everything you need for your journeys.


Only a motorcycle gives you the feeling of true freedom between the sky and the road.

You are not only riding the motorcycle, you are also shaping it. Just as it shapes you and your life – with every mile you travel together and with every hour spent with the screwdriver. In this way, the motorcycling tradition is your shared slipstream and modern technology your drive.

Heritage is inherited. Pass on your style to these modern classics – making them as unique as you.

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