To enjoy the complete experience of having a Jaguar or Land Rover or any other car the functionality has to be at its best. The continuous servicing and replacements have to be well done and the mechanics well equipped. The benefits of servicing and purchasing your Jaguar and Land Rover are numerous and to further explain, we have grouped into four:

  • Manufacturer’s standards

Genuine Jaguar and Land Rover parts are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications. All these parts are well designed, tested and manufactured to deliver optimized performance. Individuality, style and vehicle capabilities make every Jaguar or Land Rover experience one for the books.

  • Guaranteed warranty

A one year warranty comes with all parts purchased from Inchcape Kenya Ltd. In the event the fitted parts need to be replaced in the one year, a qualified technician at the workshop can fit it for you at no extra cost.

  • Perfect fit

All genuine Jaguar and Land Rover parts are meticulously built to fit the vehicle perfectly without spawning any compilations. Using genuine parts ensure no interference with the car system such as the electrical system and don’t cause any additional problems.

  • Peace of mind

Having the knowledge that all the parts and accessories purchased are genuine guarantees peace of mind. You are assured that your purchases will perform as expected, will last longer and are reliable taking all the worry away.